2015 guide to the top international sustainable and green festivals

With the summer festival season now upon us, I have been looking in-depth at ten of the most sustainable or eco-friendly events taking place outside of the UK in 2015. Here is a rundown and mini-guide to the most sustainable festivals in the world you should explore or even visit this year, glancing briefly at […]

Film review: Unearthed (2014)

Unearthed investigates the issues that surround the controversial shale gas extraction method fracking, documenting how the process could dramatically impact local communities, economies and the environment. Along the way it attempts to uncover the undesirable costs and realities, acting as a wake-up call for change in the energy industry. Filmed and directed by South African […]

Slum Tourism – Urban Renewal, Exploiting Marginal Economical Gains and Avoiding Destination Leakage

Slum tourism has rapidly emerged and evolved to become in its own right a growth tourism trend and one which possesses significant cultural value and appeal. Progress in this form of tourism can be principally linked to the rise in films, set and shot in the Global South for example Slumdog Millionaire. Academics have recognised that […]