#EASM2018 Conference Daily Update

This is my blog updates page from the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) main conference and PhD student seminar, taking place from the 4-8 September 2018 at Malmö University, Sweden. You will find below thoughtful observations and analysis shared during the course of the conference. I have included at the bottom of this post […]

Future Directions of Sports Tourism – Fostering Scenario Planning Practices

The ascent of sports tourism is rooted within seeking to perpetuate and seize upon speculative events and their unprecedented tourism outputs. Sports tourism can be attractive means for bolstering place reputations and forging a demand for repeat domestic and international visitors. The future trends and directions of sport tourism have yet to be contemplated and […]

Predicting Olympic Tourism Flows – Utilisation of Scenario Planning

I will examine whether we can really predict Olympic tourism numbers to a host city/nation. In short I will debate whether the “Major Sporting Event Tourism Flow Model” developed by Preuss (2005) and scenario planning approaches should be integrated together, in order to standardise methods of measuring economical impact of major sporting events on the host city. […]

Spectacle Fever

This post aims to interpret and reflect upon the notion of the quintessential spectacle fever. In essence I will argue that present day sports have transcended into visible and outlandish spectacles. Factors such as the media, globalisation, commodification, and the changing social composition of spectators will be examined. Over recent decades the nature and magnitude […]