Leaving the EU is a backward step for the UK’s economy and environment

Firstly, apologies I have been away for a couple of days at Glastonbury. I wouldn’t normally leave this kind of post but I would like to reitterate the huge amount of respect I have for those who tried to keep us in the European Union (EU).

Both economically and environmentally we will suffer thanks to exiting the EU. We will have to agree new trade agreements with the EU which takes time, several years some sources have suggested. The arguments based around us leaving the EU resulting in the United Kingdom bring able to trade freely with other emerging nations (like BRICS) is completely unrealistic. In some cases the economies of these emerging nations are unstable and volatile at best. We have simply failed to listen to top economists and well respected institutions. To illustrate this since we voted to leave, ratings agency Standard and Poor’s have already stripped the UK of its top credit rating.

In terms of the environmental dangers, a recent expert review by a range of academics on behalf of the group The UK in a Changing Europe detailed how the EU has affected UK environmental policy and also how the UK has shaped wider environmental policies. The report emphasised how membership of the EU has been largely beneficial on the UK’s natural environment. Moreover it underlined how leaving the EU could be risky and may place the Climate Change Act in jeopardy in the near future.

As for the case and arguments around immigration, we have been unsuccessful in capturing accurate statistics on who is entering and leaving the UK. In addition we have also been unable to implement the most appropriate methods and approaches for controlling sudden influxes of immigrants through our borders.

If the UK wants to remain a world leading nation we need to have impact and influence locally, nationally and at a European and international level. This vote to leave the EU hinders our ability to influence on a global scale, and makes the UK a less attractive investment proposition compared to EU member nations.


GB Swimming – British Trials

This weekend saw the start of the week long British Gas Swimming Championships held at the Aquatics Centre, London. These championships form the basis of the selection process for the 2012 Olympics. It was wonderful to see that these trials at least have some sort of coverage on the T.V, even if it was on the red button of the BBC. However, I recommend that the coverage should be moved to the BBC’s full schedule in order for the sport to be showcased as a national Olympic sport. I have kept a close eye on swimming over the last few years, and it is nice to see that British swimming is progressing with intent. I always look forward to listening to the coverage from the likes of Andy Jameson and Adrian Moorhouse. I find their commentary rather interesting and insightful to listen to which is a prodigious compliment for commentators in this day and age. This championship has already thrown up a few surprises especially in terms of less well known swimmers qualifying for London 2012. I hope that even more shock results become apparent over the course of these championships.