Environment and sustainability films and documentaries

In the run up to next week’s Sheffield Doc/Fest I have compiled a listing of environment and sustainability films and documentaries currently in circulation. You can find the link to download the full listing at the bottom of this entry.

This directory displays films from a range of subjects including climate change, environment, sustainability, activism, politics, economy and business. You will be able to view the open access links to various websites and/or trailers. This directory will be updated on a regular basis, perhaps quarterly based on new releases and feedback received. So feel free to suggest any additions!

There are notable works featured on this list such as An Inconvenient Truth (and sequel…), This Changes Everything and Before The Flood. If you are after a hard-hitting and pulsating documentary then why not check out the film, Unearthed. I was able to attend the international premiere at Sheffield Doc Fest some years back and reviewed the films impact on the global fracking industry.

Just a few words about yesterday’s events… We are in grave need of a step change to face up to the stark environmental challenges and realities we find ourselves locked in globally. This will help us to mitigate climatic pressures and counteract such disappointing news flowing in from the US on Thursday. But it’s not a catastrophe by any means, there are still many states signed up to the Paris accord. To ensure that the Paris agreement is stringently complied with what is now required is leadership from all parties to strengthen our negotiation powers and responsibility to the climate change cause. With this renewed hope we can look to create a liveable future for all citizens.

Download and access the directory here.