#EASM2018 Conference Daily Update

This is my blog updates page from the European Association for Sport Management (EASM) main conference and PhD student seminar, taking place from the 4-8 September 2018 at Malmö University, Sweden. You will find below thoughtful observations and analysis shared during the course of the conference. I have included at the bottom of this post […]

Rio EnCantos Tours Brazil

This afternoon I visited the offices of Rio EnCantos and felt inspired to write a short piece featuring their approach to developing community driven and ecological sensitive tours across Rio de Janeiro. Rio EnCantos is a grassroots tour and exchange agency led by Kelly Tavares and her experienced and knowledgeable team of guides. The travel […]

Slum Tourism – Urban Renewal, Exploiting Marginal Economical Gains and Avoiding Destination Leakage

Slum tourism has rapidly emerged and evolved to become in its own right a growth tourism trend and one which possesses significant cultural value and appeal. Progress in this form of tourism can be principally linked to the rise in films, set and shot in the Global South for example Slumdog Millionaire. Academics have recognised that […]