List of publications

Kirby, S. I., Crabb, L. A. H., (2019). Priming Host City Physical Legacy Plans: The Bidding Chronicles of Brazil’s Derailed Sporting Event Infrastructure Projects. Event Management. 23 (4/5), 627-640.

Kirby, S. I., Duignan, M. B., McGillivray, D., (2018). Mega-sport Events, Micro and Small Business Leveraging: Introducing the “MSE-MSB Leverage Model”. Event Management. 22 (6), 917-931.

Duignan, M. B., Kirby, S. I., O’Brien, D., Everett, S., (2018). From ‘clone towns’ to ‘slow towns’: Examining festival legacies. Journal of Place Management and Development. 11 (3), 350-366.

Wise, N., Kirby, S. I., (2019). A ‘home away from home’: the (London) Jaguars and the NFL’s established international presence—a semi-deterritorialization approach. Sport in Society.

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